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Clean Xpress, The Purging Step

Purging compound for extrusion & injection molding

Clean Xpress is designed to purging broad range of polymers, (LD & LLDPE – HDPE EVA – PPH PPC PPR – All PVC – XLPE/PEX – Styrenics – TPEs – All polyamids – Technical & engineering polymers – Bioresins & biopolymers…). For purging all of this polymers, Clean Xpress proposes broad range of Clean grades, and work on development for ansure you the best way to win cost and time. Clean Xpress has perfectly demonstrated its higher & faster cleaning power in comparison to the virgin or the manual cleaning solutions due to its hybrid nature (mechanical & solvating effects), is designed for Material & Color Change productions, Maintenance & Shutdown/Startup operations.

Designed for many applications

Clean Xpress is compatible with all application modes, blown, cast, sheet and barrier films, for medical bags or food and beverage. Wires and cables for fiber optic cables. Pipes, tubes and profiles for automotive pipes, electronic pipes, or medical tubes. Injection molding for consumer goods or machinery. Engineering and technical poymers, compounding, 3D market and more…

Some news

Winds of change are here at Polytechs. New opportunities rise on the horizon – on both existing and new markets and Polytechs has initiated a strong evolution – increasing capacities and opening itself to innovative developments. CleanX brand is beneficiating from this transformation. In order to integrate all the new grades, elements and knowledge that Polytechs acquired over the years and to strengthen the unique value proposition of its purging compound range, the company has decided to revamp CleanX visual identity. Thus, Polytechs is proud to announce that CleanX is now becoming Clean Xpress.


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