Clean HR

Clean HR®

The purging compound for injection molding with hot runner

Clean HR is one of the latest innovations coming from Polytechs Laboratory. This is the second generation of hybrid purging compounds suitable for Hot Runners systems in Injection Molding. Its ability to clean the impurities and contaminants lodged into the small cavities & angles of hot runners without damaging them with its controlled PSD (particle size distribution) makes it the perfect support for your color / material changes and maintenance operations. Approved internally and by industry peers – from 2 to 8 shots only to purge & clean challenging color changes.


Contact us and receive full document with all of our knowledges about Clean HR, the purging compound for injection molding with hot runner, including :

  • Applications
  • Temperatures
  • MFI
  • Compatible resins

For which applications

  • Injection molding with hot runner

For which resins

  • Polyolefins
  • Soft PVC
  • Styrenics
  • (Co)polymers
  • PMMA
  • Technical polymers

Visual performances


Contact our team of purging compound experts to define together the purging grade you need as well as the right process to settle and adjust.  Remember that beyond being a product range, Clean Xpress is the purging step, ensuring hybrid cleaning effects, playing with chemical affinity between the carrier and the material to purge, and finally implemeting the right procedure for your dedicated needs.