Back in the 2000’s, Polytechs was launching its express purging compounds. It was renamed CleanX – express purging compounds in the 2010’s and while the market was starting to adopt a new way to clean extrusion and injection machinery, Polytechs brand – CleanX – began to acquire a strong awareness. 

Its unique technical performances – supported by Polytechs knowledge – allowed CleanX to become a reference in the market – as its own grades – Clean LDPE, Clean PP or Clean HDPE.

Indeed, it was established that CleanX allowed to clean 2X to 6X faster vs some virgin resins or other products from the competition – and this for better results and a consumption of purging material reduced down to 10 times. 

2015-2018: Extending the product range

During 2015-2018, Polytechs accelerated its knowledge acquisition process to ensure becoming THE expert of purging compounds. Beyond this, Polytechs wanted to ensure delivering a highly technical solution to the right production and the right conversion mode with the right procedure – to all the actors of the plastic value chain.

As a result of this move, the successful commercial introduction of new grades happened –  such as Clean HT (to clean PA6 and other engineering polymers) and Clean HP (High Performance Grade – compatibility with broad range of resins & large spectrum of processing T°).

The customers positively replied to Polytechs efforts – discarding in many cases virgin resins and countertype grades – and selecting CleanX over competition. Beyond this, CleanX overpassed frontiers of the supplier-customer relationship and convinced raw material suppliers and plastic machinery producers to recommend it. This new way to partner with third parties strengthened CleanX value – fed by machinery supplier recommendations on how to use it.

2019: Clean Xpress – The purging step

Winds of change are here at Polytechs. New opportunities rise on the horizon – on both existing and new markets and Polytechs has initiated a strong evolution – increasing capacities and opening itself to innovative developments.

CleanX brand is beneficiating from this transformation. In order to integrate all the new grades, elements and knowledge that Polytechs acquired over the years and to strengthen the unique value proposition of its purging compound range, the company has decided to revamp CleanX visual identity.

Thus, Polytechs is proud to announce that CleanX is now becoming: 

  Clean Xpress 
The purging step

Clean Xpress keeps the original CleanX compound formulation – with a clearer message:

Clean – as gatekeeper of Polytechs purging compound formulation that remains – and Xpress – as a statement of the productivity gain our customers generated all those past years around the world by quickly  solving their color change production issues or easing the purge of their « hard to clean » resins after production. 

But Clean Xpress is more – it is a purging step. A step that includes the original compound formulations and grade names – Clean LDPE ; Clean HDPE and Clean PP – but enriches its range with its new products – Clean HT and Clean HP – as well as its development grades – for hot runners & High Temperatures resins (up to 340°C). Finally, a step that integrates Polytechs knowledge – collected all around the world for many years – on the purging processes for plastic compounding and conversion. 

This change is supported by a brand new website – a knowledge center focused on Clean Xpress benefits within targeted market applications – and that includes : Live-test videos ; short webinars ; technical guidelines ; grade selection tools ; … The website has been designed as well to ensure receiving and answering to your sample request or technical support request as fast as we can. To continue learning more on Clean Xpress, we then invite you to click on the following link: https://www.cleanxpress-polytechs.com 

Clean Xpress achievement comes from a strong commitment of Polytechs team – who works on daily basis to develop, produce and control a highly technical product with consistency – and who advises and delivers a ready-to-use solution to match with your requirements.

We would like to add – as conclusion – that even if this commitment is strong – Clean Xpress is as well YOUR success. Because you shared with us the results and the need of quality, consistency and technical implementation. You tried our solutions and improved your way to produce faster and cleaner. And you trusted us over years. You shared having used so much less virgin resin than in the past while gaining in productivity. Which means adopting a sustainable behavior for your own company – and beyond. You believed in quality, performance and sustainability instead of compromise through virgin resin and lower-quality countertypes. For this, we wanted to thank you very much.

Thanks for your attention. We were proud to support you with CleanX. And be sure that we are and will be proud to continue this fantastic story with Clean Xpress and yourself. 

Our Best Regards,
Polytechs Team