The world of the plastic industry is constantly confronted with new production problems, Polytechs is investing in the research and development of new solutions to these problems, two new grades Clean Xpress are now available for you.

« Across the years, numerous professionals required from us to solve cleaning issues for technical polymers – such as PA 6,6 or PBT – and this at high Temperatures. Many purging solutions were tested without satisfying results (no good cleaning efficiency, abrasive solutions, etc.). Therefore, after some internal work and partnerships, several prototypes were developed – some failed, other went successful but with Temperature limitation.

Until Clean VHT. The “state of the art” of Clean Xpress that finally reached 320-330°C while keeping an excellent cleaning efficiency for engineering polymers like PA 6, PA 6,6, PET, PBT, PMMA, SMMA, PC & others. Such statement was possible thanks to the positive feedback we received from our customers – the best bullet-proof argue to display !”

Xavier Almeras, R & D Director

Clean Xpress offers you Clean VHT,

Clean VHT is one of the latest innovations coming from Polytechs Laboratory.

This grade pushes the limits of Clean Xpress purging compounds by reaching 320 ° C as maximum temperature while ensuring the most efficient cleaning efficiency in the market (recognized by industry peers and third parties).

Used for film applications, pipes, injection molding is compounding, it is particularly effective for the following polymers:

– PA6



– PC

– PA6.6



Find more information on the new grade Clean VHT here: https://cleanxpress-polytechs.com/cleanxpress/grades/clean-vht/

Our best regards,
Polytechs team.